Mexico Practice Areas


We have extensive experience in filing constitutional writs of amparo in response to various acts by the government that may affect the interests of out clients, both before and after criminal and litigious proceedings.

Commercial Bankruptcies 

We represent diverse creditors in obtaining payment in the important processes of payment suspension and commercial bankruptcy, as well as helping resolve the side effects of credit fraud.

Commercial Litigation 

Our litigation department has more than 40 years of full-scope commercial litigation experience as both defense and plaintiff’s attorneys. We litigate before both federal and state courts.

Due to the complexity and diversity of rules currently in force, our opinion and advice is fundamental in providing the appropriate strategy for preventing litigation, or in being well prepared for filing or answering a lawsuit.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and revising contracts that ensure the realization of our clients’ business transactions, whether secured or unsecured. Our clients’ wide range of business activities has brought us the opportunity to draft and review contracts in English and Spanish for the telecommunications, energy, pharmaceutical, transportation, construction, and automotive industries, among others. Likewise, we draft and revise secured contracts, such as mortgages, various forms of guarantee contracts, finance agreements, and insurance contracts. Our attorneys also handle matters such as commercial and private leases, bailment, exchanges, buy-sell agreements, derechos reales, property, and contractual and extra-contractual obligations

Corporate Law 

A highlight of our firm is its solid corporate law practice, where the extensive experience of its attorneys allows it to offer advice in all areas related to corporations, their directors or shareholders, the legal implications of their operations and their regulatory obligations.

Our specialization in this area includes:

a) Formation of entities (the acquisition of necessary permits; preparation and, if necessary, negotiation of company bylaws; preparation of share certificates; registration with the appropriate bodies of government).

b) Designing structures for liquidations, dissolutions, divisions, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.

c) Negotiating agreements between investors and outlining frameworks for conglomerates and their subsidiaries.

d) Company stewardship, which includes the attendance of board or similar meetings, recording minutes and drafting resolutions, as well as maintaining the corporate books.

Family Law 

Family law is a fundamental part of civil law. For that reason, we handle matters related to divorce, maintenance, intestacy, and testamentary advice.

Foreign Investment Law 

In the area of foreign investment, our firm advises its clients in planning, negotiating, and preparing to charter or invest in Mexican companies. The firm also advises its clients on the identification of mechanisms that allow foreign investment within the applicable legislation.

We offer our clients extensive experience in the following areas:

a) Advice to foreign investors on Mexican legal framework and, if applicable, the implementation of the measures necessary to establish subsidiaries, branches, and offices of their companies.

b) Assessment, negotiation and drafting of contracts, corporate documents and company charters required as part of the business operation.

c) Assessment, negotiation and drafting of contracts treating the transfer of technology and intellectual property, trademarks, patents, and franchises.

d) Conducting necessary transactions with the proper government authorities, as well as registering companies and corporate with the appropriate state agencies.

Immigration Law

Our immigration practice stems from the needs of the client who relies on administrative and technical personnel from abroad.

a) This includes advice on the immigration status necessary for our clients’ personnel and their families to legally stay and work in the country.

b) Drafting the necessary application forms to receive the proper immigration documents and endorsements, as well as the efficient implementation of necessary negotiations with immigration authorities.

Intellectual Property 

Our firm advises its clients with the objective of protecting and conserving their intellectual property rights both at home and abroad. We advise our clients in accordance with the applicable laws regarding trademark protection, patents, profit models, industrial designs, trade secrets and copyrights, as well as everything related to licensing, and the transfer and conservation of intellectual property rights.

Our firm carries out the necessary measures and represents its clients before the corresponding government authorities, as well as representing its clients and functioning as their legal representative. Our firm’s practice includes the preparation, analysis and registration of all types of contracts associated with copyrights and intellectual property, such as transfers, licenses, franchises, guaranties, among others, as well as the renewal of registrations and other rights derived from said areas; voluntary cancellations and registration limitations; and publicity and related topics; Our firm advises its clients on preparing and carrying out lawsuits and declaratory administrative proceedings of cancellation, expiration, nullity, and infringement. Our firm conducts investigations of piracy, forgery and disloyal competition for the effective protection of violated rights.

International Law 

In response to our multinational clients requiring advice on U.S. or Mexican law and the participation of foreign lawyers, we have acquired diverse experience in international commercial transactions.

Labor Law 

We assist our business clients with drafting collective and individual labor contracts between businesses and their workers. We advise our clients in reviewing collective contracts in labor negotiations with unions. As employer’s attorneys, we have achieved outstanding results in individual and collective conflicts before local and federal arbitration boards in favor of our clients’ interests.

White Collar Crime 

We provide assessment and pursuit of criminal matters stemming from business activities.

1) Our attorneys attend extradition proceedings before administrative and judicial authorities.

2) Study, assessment, and defense of company employees and functionaries in the inquiry preliminary stage.

3) Study, assessment, and accusation of disloyal employees and functionaries in the preliminary, allocation, and prosecution phases.

4) Preparation and presentation of accusations before the various specialized sections of state and federal law offices.